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Cheers to the New Year!

With the new year here, we have so many reasons to feel grateful. Even with all the challenges of last year. 

At the very top of the list is you! Whether you have been a client or a friend of our business, we thank you!

We would like to showcase some very special clients that have taken the time to share with us their experiences with our company. We are so thankful to have worked with such amazing individuals and it means so much that you took the time to share your thoughts!

“ Our family in Florida has a wonderful Florida room, my wife fell in love and had to have one. Lehigh Patio Rooms made our outdoor living addition and did a good job. Price was reasonable, the quality is great!”

– Carlos Peralta

If you visit a store, online, or in-person and have a positive experience, why not check-in if they have a social media profile? This way you can leave a much-appreciated review or comment! It is time to be proactive with our presence online if we want to continue having experiences we cherish within the walls of local businesses.

There is no wrong way to help a small business during this time. You can help them for free by bolstering their online presence, shifting your buying priorities to focus on local and independent products, and most importantly, spread the word. Giving positive public feedback to these establishments is sometimes all they need to find a new batch of regulars and keep their doors open!

– Dave Morrow

Thank you ALL for making 2020 a special year for our company and we look forward to continued relationships and meeting wonderful new clients in 2021!


The Team at Lehigh Patio Rooms 

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