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Transform Your Deck into a Sunroom!

Decks are a wonderful addition to any home, but as the warmer seasons come to an end, you probably find your deck less useful. Plus, during the spring and summer, extreme humidity might be too much for you to spend time outside, or if it’s not covered, rainy days will need to be spent inside only. So what can you do to utilize your deck just a little more? Transform your deck into a four-seasons room! It is a lot easier than you think and you get the best of both worlds! Here’s what you need to know about the conversion:

Why should you convert the deck into a sunroom in the first place?

The simple answer is to enjoy the space all year long. The weather can be a huge deciding factor on whether or not you can sit on your deck. It could be too cold, rainy, muggy, too hot, or even too many bugs flying around. What this conversion will give you is:

Transform Your Deck into a Sunroom! 1

How to Plan Your New Sunroom

As you’re planning out your new sunroom you need to make sure your deck can handle the addition. Depending on the age of your deck, you might need to have the structure updated to handle the weight of the addition. This will include the foundation, joints, carriers beams, piers, footers, and more. Once the foundation is established the rest of the design is easy to work with.

If you’re curious about getting a new sunroom added onto your home contact Lehigh Patio Rooms today!

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